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Consultation Overview

Your first face to face encounter with our practice starts with your consultation.  You begin by filling out a few short forms giving us an idea as to what your concerns are and advising us on any medical issues that you may have.

You then meet with Dr. C’s nurse who starts the consultation process by reviewing  the paperwork with you and asking a few additional questions to better understand your concerns.  She will answer any initial questions you may have.  Then you’ll enjoy a short photo session where a set consultation photos will be taken.

Afterward, you are introduced to your patient coordinator.  All of Dr. C’s staff is eager and available to help you at any point, but one of our patient coordinators is assigned to you as a new patient and follows you throughout your consultation and treatment process.  But remember, we are all available and happy to help with in any way possible.

Next, you meet our  Dr. C.  He begins by getting a feel for what bothers you the most.  You are always to encouraged to discuss any concern, large or small, that bothers you.  Dr. C uses your consultation photos as a tool to make sure communication is clear and he understands and addresses what you see and are concerned about.   The photos are important in the consultation process; they allow us to see things that we might not see or be aware of when we look in the mirror.

Dr. C spends time with you; there is no rush! He examines and analyses your face;  answers any questions you may have;  discusses the facial aging process  and how this relates to your face.  He outlines recommendations based on addressing your concerns, and he explains in detail   treatment and  procedure options to best achieve your desired results.  Dr. C takes his time with each patient; he wants you to know as much as possible about any treatment or procedure he recommends.

Whether it be for Botox or a facelift, your patient coordinator gives you a written quote and makes sure that we have addressed all questions.  There is never any pressure to make  a quick decision.  In fact, we encourage you to take your time.  We believe the more you know, the more you know about us- all the better.  We are committed to you for the long term because our goal is a happy satisfied patient.

With this in mind, our focus, our priority is you, our patient.  We believe in patient education and want you to know as much as possible about our practice, our doctor- his training, credentials, experience- and the ongoing  patient care we provide.   Your comments and feedback are always encouraged and welcome.