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Overnight Care

When our patients travel for out of town or when they simply want privacy, our beautiful overnight suite is the perfect answer.  We combine the pampering of a spa, the one-on-one attention of a private registered nurse, and the comforts of home, all in one.  While you rest and recover in your spacious, well-decorated room, you’ll think you’re in a luxury spa rather than just ending your surgery day.  Our focus is you!  We pay attention to all the details so you and your loved ones do not have to.   From your customized menu, to your food presentation and service, it’s all about you.  Our goal is that your surgical experience be as comfortable, easy and enjoyable as possible.

What do patients think of their overnight experience?  

Here are just a few examples…

  • Carol on first arriving  “ I love my room; I may stay longer.”
  • Erika during her stay… “5 Star Hotel! You are spoiling me.  The food is just great.  I might not go home.”
  • Bonnie… “ It was a wonderful experience; everyone was so good to me.  It was awesome; I wouldn’t  have done it any other way."
  • Deb after her stay…”I LOVED the overnight suite. It’s like a beautiful, relaxing high-end hotel room with a private spa like bathroom. It was so easy to be wheeled in there to recover, rest comfortably, and be waited on and cared for by a private nurse. First class all the way! The next morning you wake up and see the doctor to have your dressings changed, and then you’re ready to go home. Absolutely the best way to plan your procedure. Excellent care, service and comfort.”
  • Carolyn after her stay…” I stayed in the overnight suite after my surgery with Dr. C, and it was a great decision. The care I received from all of the staff was outstanding. A private nurse stayed with me in a separate room and checked on me throughout the night. She also prepared and served meals and snacks, and made sure I was drinking enough water to stay hydrated. The food and snack menu was great! I felt super pampered, and didn’t want to leave! I highly recommend it!
  • Lee taking photos and texting during her stay said …   “I’m letting my partner know she needs to step up her game. What great service! ”
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