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in St Petersburg, FL

What is Facelite USA?

The Next Generation Flexible Face Mask for the Treatment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

faceLITE is a clinically proven LED red light therapy device used to increase skin hydration and firmness.  It helps to reduce the signs of aging. It is easy to use, portable, and there is no downtime after use.

What is faceLITE USA LED Face Mask?

faceLITE USA is a flexible, portable, home-use mask that uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) to bathe the skin in light.

FaceLITE in St. Petersburg, FL

How does faceLITE USA LED treatment work?

faceLITE USA uses proven wavelengths of light: 633nm, known as “red light,” and 830nm, or “near infra-red” light. In clinical studies, these wavelengths have been shown to stimulate both collagen and elastin production.  They also help to improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation through a process called “photobiomodulation.” These combined effects help skin cells absorb topical skincare products more effectively and also help reverse the effects of the aging process. .

The design of faceLITE  delivers light directly to the skin, ensuring that the maximum amount of light hits its cellular targets and is not wasted.

Is the treatment painful?

No pain should be felt while using faceLITE. The light penetrates the skin and stimulates the cells to work in a natural way. faceLITE is non-invasive. The treatment is completely pain free.  As instructed in the User manual, a skin sensitivity test must be taken before doing the faceLITE treatment.

How often do I need to use the mask?

We recommend doing the treatment 3 to 4 days per week for best results.  You can expect noticeable improvements in approximately 4 weeks depending on the starting condition of your skin.

How do I wear my new faceLITE USA?

faceLITE USA comes with an adjustable velcro strap that allows you to comfortably wear the mask. To fit, thread the straps through the inlet holes on either side of the mask. Loop the straps around your head and secure firmly. Adjust as necessary.

Is there anyone who can’t use faceLITE USA?

DO NOT use faceLITE USA if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity, have a photosensitive disorder or are pregnant or breast feeding. Photosensitivity (sensitization to light) is a common side effect of various medications and some herbal remedies.

Please also read the list of contraindications included below.  If you are unsure, please speak with the doctor for further detail.

How do I start my treatment after completing the initial sensitivity test?

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate skin to remove any traces of skincare and make-up.
  2. Apply the hydrogel mask, if desired.
  3. Place the faceLITE USA device on the face, secure with the velcro strap and switch on the controller. The device switches off after a ten-minute treatment time. You may stop the treatment at any time by pressing the ON/OFF button on the controller.
  4. Remove the mask, apply your normal moisturizer and sunscreen.
  5. Clean the mask using a water-based wipe or a damp clean cloth. Ensure that the device is NOT being charged when cleaning.
  6. Repeat 3 – 4 times a week for best results.

How do I store my faceLITE USA?

Store the faceLITE LED system at room temperature in dry conditions. Use the carry bag provided. Avoid storing the faceLITE LED system in dusty conditions, in direct sunlight or in damp and humid conditions. Before each use, with the device switched off, clean the face mask following the cleaning instructions below.

How do I clean my faceLite USA?

Do NOT use any cleansing products, as these may damage the plastics. Clean the transparent (face side) of the mask and the front of the mask with a water-based wipe or damp clean cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed by wiping gently with 70% alcohol.

My face is red, is that normal?

Immediately after your treatment, the treated area may appear red. The skin should return to normal within 1-2 hours. If your face remains red after 2 hours, consult the physician. Make sure you have conducted the Skin Sensitivity test before using on the face.

Can I combine faceLITE USA with other aesthetic treatments?

Yes, faceLITE USA can be combined with more invasive treatments such as Botox, peels, injectables and laser resurfacing. It can help aid in the healing process by reducing bruising and swelling.

Dedicated to Safety

faceLITE USA is changing the face of LED therapy by offering professional grade treatments at home.

faceLITE USA uses the most clinically-effective, research-backed, FDA cleared LED light technology available in a flexible home-use device. It is clinically proven to deliver the correct wavelengths of light and energy to promote collagen and elastin production.²

Developed by experts in LED technology, the team behind faceLITE USA developed the leading free- standing professional LED devices. With over 32 peer- reviewed clinical papers on light therapy, and used by dermatologists globally, you can be confident in the science and the team behind the technology.

  • Drug free solution
  • Hands free technology
  • No consumables necessary
  • No hidden costs
  • FDA Cleared
  • Class II Medical Device
  • Flexible, easy to use, portable


DO NOT use faceLITE USA system to treat any other conditions apart from those listed
in the indications for use. The faceLITE USA systems have not been tested for any
other conditions than those listed and the risk is unknown.
DO NOT use faceLITE USA system if any of the following conditions apply to you:
*you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. The
faceLITE USA system has NOT been tested on pregnant or breast-feeding
women and therefore the risk to the fetus, neonate or pregnant women is
*you suffer from lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or albinism. If you use the faceLITE USA LED mask to treat lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema or albinism you may cause a severe skin reaction.
* you suffer from any photosensitive disorder (sensitization to light). If you use the faceLITE USA LED mask and you suffer from a photosensitive disorder you may cause a severe skin reaction.
* you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity. If you use the faceLITE USA LED mask and you are taking any medication that can causes photosensitivity you may cause a severe skin reaction.
* you suffer from any genetic conditions of the eye.

Photosensitivity is a common side effect of various medications.

These can include certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and diuretics. If you are unsure about any medication you may be taking consult your healthcare provider. Other substances not listed above can also cause photosensitivity.
Common examples of these substances are: St John's wort, coal tar, deodorants, antibacterial soaps, artificial sweeteners, naphthalene (mothballs), petroleum products, brightening agents found in laundry detergent, and cadmium sulphide (a chemical injected into the skin during tattooing).
There are some instances in which the faceLITE USA LED mask may prove unsuitable for an individual. Certain medical conditions or drugs may mean that an individual is unsuitable for the treatment.