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Hivamat Therapy
in St Petersburg, FL

HIVAMAT Therapy  is a deep oscillation lymphatic massage which speeds recovery after a surgical procedure or injury.  It is a unique and highly effective treatment which quickly reduces pain and swelling, minimizes inflammation, encourages rapid tissue healing and increases range of movement.   HIVAMAT therapy is an important post surgical protocol  for detoxification; it accelerates the healing process by stimulating the lymphatic system and improving the body’s  ability to rid itself of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.

The lymphatic system is very important in cleansing our body. Similar to the blood vessel system, the lymphatic system features an arrangement of vessels through which lymphatic fluids move around the whole body. Comprised of lymph glands, nodes, vessels and organs such as tonsils, spleen, appendix, thymus and adenoids, the lymphatic system functions like a garbage collector – these lymph nodes and organs separate toxic organisms and waste products from lymph fluid.

Hivamat Therapy in St. Petersburg, FL

However, the lymphatic system does not have a pump (the blood circulatory system has the heart as the pump) so the movement of such fluids needs to be improved through regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, massage therapy, and even skin brushing.

Our body has at least three times the amount of lymphatic fluid as it does blood. There are between 600 to 700 collection points or “nodes” throughout the body that collect and remove waste products from the body cells. The vessels and nodes contain white blood cells that help kill off life-threatening bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxic substances, but if the lymphatic system becomes overburdened with toxins, we can suffer from fatigue, slower immune response and localized swelling. The glands nearest the affected site can swell during an infection; this is a sign of the lymph system working very hard to get rid of the infection.

What is the HIVAMAT system?

HIVAMAT (Histological Variable Manual Therapy) is a unique patented therapeutic device used to treat swelling, relieve soft tissue pain and help an injury recover faster. The HIVAMAT system is a patented device engineered and manufactured by PHYSIOMED a German technology company.  The system is manufactured under the stringent guidelines and regulations and holds the CE Marking in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC. ISO 9001 ISO 1348.

HIVAMAT Therapy has been used for over 22 years for the treatment of Lymphedema and soft tissue injuries. When HIVAMAT was first introduced into the United States, it was sold and extensively used for physical therapy clinics, sports rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and professional sports as a treatment for lymphedema and injuries.

Lymphedema is a condition which is similar to the acute swelling which occurs after surgical procedures.  In both cases, fluid is not able to be contained within the body’s lymphatic system and it leaches out into the interstitial tissue causing pain, swelling, areas of hardness, and fibrotic scar tissue. HIVAMAT therapy post surgery quickly and effectively addresses these issues and dramatically speeds the recovery process.

How does HIVAMAT work?

The HIVAMAT protocol uses an electrostatic field of attraction and friction to create deep but gentle oscillations in the treated tissue including skin, connective tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels. This soft pulsating vibration breaks up metabolic waste that forms in lymphatic collectors and the surrounding interstitial tissue as a result of injury or trauma to the area.  So long as the underlying trauma from surgery has not healed, the body continues to produce fluid.  HIVAMAT Therapy prevents fluid from building up and thereby speeds the healing process.

What are the benefits of HIVAMAT Therapy?

HIVAMAT Therapy provides an immediate reduction of post surgical swelling and pain.  By stimulating the movement of lymph out of a congested tissue area and through the lymphatic system, lymphedema, inflammation, and pain is reduced in the area being treated.

  • Relieves soft tissue pain
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Breaks up excess fibrous tissue
  • Improves restricted movement
  • Increases oxygen, nutrients, and blood to area treated
  • Shortens recovery time

How many HIVAMATS should I do?

As long as the underlying trauma or injury in an area has not fully healed, HIVAMAT Therapy is extremely beneficial.  As long as post surgical symptoms such as swelling, tissue hardness, and limited movement persist, you can continue HIVAMAT treatments.  A series of three treatments is included with your facelift, and you receive discounts on additional series for post surgical procedures.