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in St Petersburg, FL

Otoplasty corrects or improves the shape, position or size of the ears

Since ears are almost always seen, ear surgery, also known as Otoplasty, is a good option for people unhappy with the physical appearance of their ears. Protruding ears is a characteristic that can make people especially self-consciousness. Otoplasty corrects or improves the shape, position or size of the ears, and usually has emotional as well as cosmetic benefits to people suffering from protruding ears.

In otoplasty surgery, an incision is made in the natural fold just behind the ear  where the ear and head join.  Depending on the individual needs, skin and cartilage will be removed; or in some instances cartilage is not removed but reshaped or sculpted into the desired shape.  Sutures are used to secure the ear in the new correct position or to maintain the newly created shape until healing occurs.

Otoplasty in St. Petersburg, FL
Otoplasty Before and After Pictures St. Petersburg, FL

What is the recovery process?

An ear cup and soft dressings are used after surgery to hold the ears in place and prevent pressure on the surgical sites.   The soft dressings may be required for a week.  Headbands are worn to hold the ears in their  new position for up to three months depending on the extent of the surgery.

How much time away from work or school is needed?

We recommend planning on one week off work or out of school and that you be able to wear the protective headbands for the recommended period of time.

Does otoplasty correct abnormally large earlobes? 

Otoplasty is not necessary to correct abnormally large earlobes   A surgical procedure is required to reduce the size or to reshape abnormally large earlobes but it is a much smaller procedure with little down time and short recovery.